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Afiche Feria del Invierno Mercadito de Diseño
Cartel Mesa Central Feria del Invierno Mercadito de Diseño
Totem Central Feria del Invierno Mercadito de Diseño

The "Feria del Invierno" event brought together the best of the season for winterfriendly people. Stew, wool, art, body warming equipment and fire recipes, all for sale in an industrial warehouse.


Our task, apart from creating content for social networks, especially audiovisual ones such as reels in which artists, entrepreneurs and the organizers appear (let's see if they know anyone), was to develop a Mercadito de Diseño sub-brand.


We started the graphic work between a Bic and a piece of paper. We did that exercise of finding out what happens in winter. What objects are there, what experiences are lived. We come to the idea of refuge, protection, human warmth, closeness. We used a black font for the logo because the Feria del Invierno is not for light things.


Accompanying the environmental protective spirit of the event, we printed a paper totem at the entrance of the warehouse with the schedules of what was happening inside. All on reused A4 paper, glued to an existing totem pole.


Mercadito de Diseño


Florida, Uruguay


May to July 2022


RRSS, Indoor graphic


On site

Pruebas Lapicera Feria del Invierno Mercadito de Diseño
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