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Contenidos digitales Mercadito de Diseño Florida Uruguay

Mercadito de Diseño is a design and entrepreneurship fair that began in 2014 and until its Christmas 2021 edition, it was positioning itself in the minds of its consumers and exhibitors as the opportunity to sell well and quality.


We take Mercadito as an existing brand and promote it. We saw it as open-air shopping for the main dates of the year (Christmas and Mother's Day). We saw it as a calm walk and the excuse to take a break from those fast-fashion purchases and focus on valuable and lasting objects, perfect for gifts.


This is why we avoid using bright colors, typical of the fall of each year. We went to Bodoni which does not fail in areas such as clothing and beauty. We prefer a good photo over excess audiovisual material to communicate the idea of joining us in person (more so at post-pandemic events). We develop visual content with a lot of conceptual content.


Mercadito de Diseño


Florida, Uruguay


December 2021


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Contenidos digitales Mercadito de Diseño Florida Uruguay
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