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LIST 41151

Leandro Gomez Lista 41151 Paysandu
Hoja de votación Lista 41151 Paysandu

Like list 6222 in Florida, the National Party in Paysandú needed to design a campaign for one of its sectors. List 51 and its young people developed as a team a visual system designed especially for the young electorate.


We start with the range of colors, the one that brought luck to Guichón's 411 (a small city in Paysandú department, Uruguay) list in the 2019 elections, and we adapt it to curved and friendly shapes. As on several occasions and digital projects, we choose dark backgrounds for digital pieces and light backgrounds for graphics.


To connect history and today's youth, we developed this small illustration of Leandro Gómez (leader of the National Party assassinated in 1865 and highly honored in Paysandú) appealing to the key values of militancy.


We create digital content regarding voting day with practical information, required documentation, contact information, circuit plans and voting sheets.


Lista 51 Paysandú


Guichón, Paysandú, Uruguay


July to October 2022


Graphic, Social Media



List of places to vote List 41151 Paysandu
Countdown List 41151 Paysandu
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