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LIST 6222


Agrupación Manuel Oribe


Florida, Uruguay


July to November 2022


Graphic, Social Media, Motion Graphics


On site

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Logo Lista 6222 Agrupación Manuel Oribe

The National Party of Uruguay has another election every 5 years: that of young people. In them is what we know in the national and departmental ones. A candidate, an electorate and an electoral campaign. With the same stages, strategies and actions but a few times shorter and cheaper.


Despite this, we developed a brand that connects with that target that is increasingly apathetic towards politics: young people between 14 and 29 years old who are not obliged to vote in this election. Challenge and peak.


A key concept: get involved. If someone gets involved in something, that something changes something. In the case of politics, the fact that young people get involved in it makes the reality around them improve. Taking that as a common thread, we develop design pieces that invite you to join, in a super friendly way and with messages. Digital formats were 90% of the campaign in which we obtained great creative freedom. Brochures, reels, videos, flags.

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