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A fictitious public signage project, framed in the Visual Communication Design Workshop 4, of the Bachelor's Degree of the same name.

The project consisted of giving value to the only town in the department of Montevideo, highlighting its tourist and cultural attractions and organizing the pedestrian flow in a town that connects the capital with the entire western metropolitan area.

Use materials that require little or as little maintenance as possible, resistant to weather and vandalism. Verified information will be needed on wetlands, sport and historical fisheries.

“Resistance in a diverse space.” The resistance to a place that “was frozen in time” but with various recreational activities in a small space. The circulation that it has because it is crossed by National Route No. 1 makes the flow of people constant and therefore the invitation to tour the place. Through this project, it is intended to represent a signage system that integrates the characteristics of the place and an experience for the tourist.

It resulted in work divided into three categories discriminated by color: magenta for tourist activities, green for essential services and cyan for public transport services.

A signage work together with the designers Daniela Rognone and Jessy Brandi and led by Lic. Beatriz Liebner


Bachelor's in Visual Communication Desi


Montevideo, Uruguay


July to November 2020


Outdoor signage



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