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Landing Page Peppo Plantas
Folleto 10x15cm  Peppo Plantas
Diptico 5x5cm Peppo Plantas

We built this visual system together with 100% remotely. We both share a passion for plants, we use them not only as decoration or therapy, but also as a job.

That was why we entered the botanical world, zooming in and putting a super close focus on these beings. We created a system in which the plants and their leaves were the protagonists, taking advantage of the strength of their curves.

We chose Ottawa as the font. In vogue in the 90s-2000s, appearing in gardening magazines of that time. With this we try to connect with the adult public that still maintains old customs and practices of the botanical world.

With the logo that we wanted to maintain, we arrived at a list of pieces (these are not all) that allow Peppo to show its rebranding in all areas: digital, offline, public roads.



#comunicacionvisual #rebranding


Peppo Plantas


Ciudad de la Costa, Canelones, Uruguay


September 2023


Public Road, Social Media, Stationery



Etiqueta troquelada Peppo Plantas
Pizarron Peppo Plantas
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