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Main poster Feria Verde
Digital post Feria Verde

Like every year, saving the pandemic, the Sustainable Development Office of the Florida Local Government organizes what is now the Feria Verde (formerly Verde y Sustentable)


We developed the brand and the visual system in the first edition of 2016: we created a vector and isometric “ideal world” with the aim of communicating what the environment would be like if we respect the environment. The range of colors evolved year after year, but we always chose a cheerful range to connect with the little ones and their families, a key target to start the change.


For each edition we develop digital pieces with what will be there: plates for social networks with the stands, artists, details such as the way to recycle visitors' waste, news from the area (example: the Prado photo gallery nearby).


We cover with our smartphones what happens inside the event. We made reels to tell in detail what happened and we published our own 360º tours on Google Street of the place for those exhibitors or visitors who come to the Feria Verde for the first time.

This visual project was chosen by the selection commission of Estado Gráfico, the biennial graphic design event organized by the Chamber of Design of Uruguay in the city of Montevideo. More information here.


Sustainable Development Office of the Florida Local Government


Florida, Uruguay


Each november 2022


Audiovisual, Social media


On site

Illustration showing the date of each event Feria Verde
Logo of the Feria Verde. It changes its details every year
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