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Cookies DR (Daniel Rodríguez) approached the Chamber of Design of Uruguay in the department of Treinta y Tres. While we were working in the city of Piriápolis, Uruguay, we were part of the Eastern Regional of the CDU. Within the framework of the Prodiseño program, organized by CDU and financed by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining, which promotes visual communication design throughout the country, we came across a Cookies DR that needed a brand refresh.


The objective was to compete with international brands in local shelves, appealing to the heart of the local consumer and tourist support.



​Daniel Rodríguez, owner of Cookies DR, has worked in the production area of a cookie factory since 1996. Motivated by the desire to start a business in his native department (Treinta y Tres) and counting on the experience acquired, he decided to start his business. own venture “CookieesDR”.

He began making cornstarch alfajores at the municipal food plant managed by the Local Government of Treinta y Tres, where he had the necessary equipment.

He currently makes: cornstarch alfajores, sweet cookies and flavored breadsticks. At first he sold at fairs to individuals and after the Pandemic, he incorporated sales through social networks.

It is a growing micro company where resources have been allocated to working capital and equipment, currently producing an average of 20kg of sweet cookies per week.



The central need is to generate an identity for the company that highlights that it is an artisanal product, made in Treinta y Tres. He recently enrolled in the Program for the Development of National Producers “Primero Uruguay” promoted by TaTa Supermarkets and was selected and contacted as a possible supplier of sweet cookies for the chain.

It is a priority that the product is of quality and the packaging guarantees it, for this reason it is essential to design adequate packaging.

Redesign the company logo so that it highlights the identity of the products through the following characteristics: artisanal and made in Treinta y Tres.

Generate a label that can be used to identify your 200g and 400g products and templates for dissemination through social networks.

The visual system should be aesthetically attractive, allowing you to visualize the cookies and perceive that it is a sustainable functional artisanal product, reducing its impact on the environment through the use of sustainable materials.

The main motivation is to achieve important improvements in packaging design and image, both recognized as weaknesses of the company, but which without the subsidy provided by the Program would be impossible to access.

Access the full report.

Prodiseño is a program of the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining carried out by the National Office of Crafts, Small and Medium Enterprises (in spanish MIEM-Dinapyme) in collaboration with the National Office of Industries (MIEM-DNI) and the Chamber of Design of Uruguay (CDU). Its objective is to promote and motivate companies to increase their competitiveness through the incorporation of design in their business, through the participation of professional designers. The program is aimed at industrial, commercial and service micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) throughout the national territory.


The program aims to promote MSMEs to incorporate design into their companies, through the granting of a subsidy on said investment, it covers product design, textile/clothing (includes shoes and accessories), service design, visual communication design, packaging design, web/multimedia design and commercial interior design (displays, points of sale/POP point of purchase).


Osvaldo Daniel Rodríguez


Treinta y Tres, Uruguay


July 2021


Branding, packaging



Packaging Cookies DR
Packaging Cookies DR
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