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Botella Hidromiel Chmiel
Folleto Hidromiel Chmiel

That the ending of the surname Chmiel is honey ("miel" in spanish) is no coincidence. This conditioned the family to develop beekeeping more than a hundred years ago in Europe and later in these southern uruguayan latitudes.


Today the fourth generation led by Miguel and Yván arrived at the offices of the Florida Economic Development Agency (Agencia de Desarrollo Económico de Florida, ADEF, which supports small bussines) seeking advice in finance, marketing and communication.


As this is a brand that already has a marked path, we respect its visual system. What they were trying to change was the target because the Holidays were approaching and one of Hidromiel Chmiel's objectives was to establish itself on the end-of-year tables of young families or bars of friends.


That is why launches were organized in bars in Montevideo looking for new palates and to record it we edited reels for their new social networks.


Our work focused on the tangible. We modernized the label, a key piece of a bottled product that goes on the shelves to compete with wines, champagnes and white drinks. Also bowties and brochures telling the family history and the drink, as well as curiosities about the universe of mead.


Hidromiel Chmiel


Florida, Uruguay


Julio a Diciembre 2022


Packaging, Social Media, Graphic



Botella Hidromiel Chmiel
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