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The key function of visual communicators is not only to design, but in short to build a sender (if it does not exist), a visual message and detect the correct receivers.


Anfibia was created as a slow-life brand of products made for the outdoors and that respect the environment. An ethical brand that tries to lead by example, to grow slowly but steadily that offers two products in one. At the end of all that conceptual map we move on to the visual.


We generate logos with details of sea and land (if you zoom in you can find waves and grass at the base) and digital content with a single chromatic criterion, with an emphasis on audiovisuals. Also graphic material for presence at design fairs and commercial premises.


On Anfibia networks, it gives a message of value for nature, with key dates regarding the environment and tourist tips to go out and enjoy with canvas backpacks.

Anfibia was born from the academic field.


In the spring of 2018, research began on the bossanova musical genre and its visual, sound, taste attributes and everything that concerns the experience of the beach universe of Brazil in the 60s. This research took place within the framework of the Visual Communication Design Workshop 4 of the Bachelor's Degree in Visual Communication Design of the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Urbanism, University of the Republic, Uruguay.


Thus, on October 27, the Bossanova Project was born. A visual pack that integrated the beach bar, beach games, the mythical caipirinha and merchandising that could not be common. We had to think in terms of design.


To think that way, we had to go back to the situation. What did you wear while going to the beach in that Brazil with the rise of the fusion between samba and jazz?


After several tests we found this piece of Indian canvas in which you can store all the essentials to enjoy.


A few summers later and due to the interest of everyone who saw its usefulness and ability to convert from a backpack to a sand duffel with a single movement, the idea became something that could be profitable.


To build a brand, it must be interesting from several sides. A memorable and easy-to-pronounce name, a product that solves a certain existing problem and is attractive to the audience the brand wants to reach.


Anfibia coincided, in our opinion, with those three vertices. An example is the meaning of your name. Their definitions apply to vehicles and animals, we add objects. We hope you find it as practical as we do.




Florida, Uruguay


From September 2021


Graphic, Social Media, Stands


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