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San José Ambiental: Putting the department as a priority in hygiene, environment and nature.

In the southwest of Uruguay, "San José Ambiental" emerges, an environmental development master plan committed to the transformation of the department of San José. This project is distinguished by its comprehensive approach and dedication to sustainability. In creating its visual identity, we seek to reflect the core values of the plan.

The name "San José Ambiental" embodies simplicity and clarity. Choosing a direct name makes it easier to remember and unambiguously conveys the mission of the plan. Simplicity is key, considering the importance of the community quickly associating the name with the initiative. We chose this shorter name instead of “Plan Director Ambiental Departamental" (Local Environmental Master Plan) because it would become a very complex composition for a logo. We believe there will be many opportunities (embodied in graphic pieces) to name the plan completely and correctly.

The distinctive icon on the right with the green San José department adds a personalized touch. This unique element reinforces the visual identity and serves as a recognizable symbol. We experiment with various shapes to achieve a distinctive design that is memorable and represents the essence of the place.

The prioritization of sharp words in the name (José and Ambiental) seeks to effectively impact public perception. It is a widely accepted Naming industry technique. The clear pronunciation and ease of remembering the name contribute to the dissemination of the plan and its acceptance in the community.

The emphasis on the word "Ambiental" reflects the priority of the project. By strategically placing it and highlighting it visually, we seek to effectively communicate our commitment to environmental preservation. The choice of colors and natural graphic elements reinforces this message. This approach also symbolizes the community's connection to the plan, building a sustainable future together.

The concept of the green planet with the outline of San José as a continent highlights the importance of geographic location and local responsibility. The department has a key role in caring for the Río de la Plata. This element reinforces the connection between the initiative and the community, reminding everyone that they are contributing to a healthier and more balanced environment.

Finally, the "San José Ambiental" logo is not simply a graphic representation; It is the visual manifestation of a commitment to sustainability and environmental development. Through the combination of key elements, we seek to inspire the community to come together in building a greener and more prosperous future.


San José Local Government, Uruguay


San José, Uruguay


February 2024





Poster San Jose Ambiental Joaco Javiel
San Jose Ambiental Joaco Javiel Institutional letterhead
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